Sinnhaftigkeit von NOMEE

You know me, but youdont know me. It´s not me, but youknow me.

Nomee or #NoMee ispronounced "Know me," and accompanied by a gesture of the middle andpointer fingers squeezing the nostrils. The effect is a nasal sound producedwhile saying the phrase. The fingers point towards the eyes - similar to thecommon gestures for "look at me" and "I'm watching you."

Nomee is aboutrecognizing one's true potential, excelling in one's talent, and gettingrecognition for success. 

Origins of Nomee: 
DC area Go-go musicgroup TOB, including rapper MrNomee aka KrisKross, debuted this catchphrase inthe song "NoMEE" (2011). The band has deemed #NoMee as a movement.

Hailing from DC,Quinn Cook, Duke University Class '15, is responsible for much of the term'spropagation and its increasing popularity on Twitter and among Duke Universityundergrads. As the Blue Devils' starting point guard, Cook (#2) is making aname for himself in college basketball. His fame has led to the spread of the#NoMeeMovement.

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